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If you’re a vintage fashion lover, this must be the place!

Fall in love with vintage
We love discovering amazing clothes and accessories with their own personality and stories to tell.

Here you can find vintage clothing, vintage dress, unique pieces accurately chosen.

You can explore fashion history through decades, starting from 50s dresses to vintage 80-90s italian designers.

Let’s create your unforgettable style by discovering luxury fashion icons from Yves Saint Laurent to Gianni Versace, from Giorgio Armani to Moschino, and much more.

50s dresses or 80’s outfits?

Pomella vintage shop online loves retrò dressing since 50s style to 80’s glam outfits. We love hunting for treasures, so every gown, jacket, skirt or suit is the result of a long search.

Any doubt about the size? Check our guidelines and the conversion size table!

Vintage earrings and Vintage scarves

Complete your outfit with a detail that makes the difference: fancy accessories, silk scarves, costume jewelry, ranging from YSL earrings to Christian Dior and Grossé jewels, Trifari creations and high quality crafted vintage fashion earrings.

Hermès carrés have a special place in our shop and in our heart. We buy, collect, study and sell them all around the wolrd. For every question, valuation or selling your Hermès vintage scarf you can contact us!

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